Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jumma Daal

Toor daal 1 cup
Channa Daal 1/2 cup
Masoor Daal 1/2 cup

Salt 1 tsp
Haldi 1 tsp
Zeera powder 1 tsp
Curry powder 1 tsp
Chat Masala 1/2 tsp
R. chilli powder 1 tsp
Paprika 1 tsp
Diced tomatoes or Tomato sauce 1/2 cup
Adrak lasan paste 1 tsp

Wash and soak the daal.

Add 3-4 cups of water and put it on the stove.  Add adrak lasan paste and all the ingredients above. Cook until all the three daals are tender.

Now using a hand blender, blend it all into a uniform state.

In a small waghar pan/ frying pan, heat oil, whole red chillies, whole zeera and paprika. Sizzle and pour over daal.

Serve with white rice and fish!


Madiha said...

Favourite gujju dish of all time-- turns out perfect every time--quick and easy =)

JV said...

:D As some Gujji's say that it is a Sunnat to eat Daal Chawal after Namaz..

Madiha said...

Just made it again today with Aaloo fry. You should post that recipe too! Slice potatoes in round shape, add adrak, lasan, chilli, salt, tumeric, dhania/zeera powder, chaat masala, lemon juice.. let it sit for 15 mins and pan/deep fry! Tadaa!

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