Sunday, August 1, 2010

Anda Paratha

Click HERE for the printable Recipe.

Knead the dough using Wheat flour (I prefer Golden Temple White Wheat), warm water, pinch of salt and oil. Leave for 10 minutes.

Take a small ball and roll it into a round disc.

Smear oil over it and dust with flour.

Turn it into half and smear oil again and dust with flour.

It will take the shape of a triangle.

Leave it for a few minutes and in the meanwhile whisk 1 extra large egg and add salt, pepper and desired veggies to make omelette's mixture. Keep aside.

Now roll the traingled dough into a bigger triangle .

Carefully transfer it onto the griddle.

Let it bubble on one side and then flip it over.
Now separate the layer of the roti very carefully.

Pull it up so that it is only attached on one side and the two other sides are pulled apart.

Now pour the omelette's mixture in the middle.

Seal the roti again.
Drizzle some oil and let it cook on lowest flame.
Turn it over in a minute or two and drizzle some oil on the other side as well.
Press with spatula to make sure that the egg is completely cooked inside.
Serve with Ketchup, Chutney or Salsa.

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FV said...

yummmy.... I miss the anda paratha!!

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