Wednesday, August 11, 2010


1 tray Lean Ground Beef (Qeema)
1/2 tsp Haldi (tumeric powder)
Pinch of salt
Adrak Lasan (Ginger Garlic paste) paste 1 tbsp
1 tsp Garam Masala Powder
Cilantro 1/4 cup
Onions 2 Medium

Chinese Salt 1 tsp
Green Chili paste 1 tsp

All purpose flour 2 tbsp
Water 2 tbsp

Spring Roll Wrappers

In a skillet, add  ground beef, haldi, salt, ginger garlic paste and Garam Masala powder and cook until all the water is evaporated. Stir frequently to avoid any lumps.

Once the Qeema (ground beef) is completely  dry, let it cool. In the meanwhile, chop two medium onions in a chopper.
Lay two pieces of paper towel in a plate and transfer the chopped onion onto it.

Now give it a shape of a bag and squeeze out all the water by pressing it.

Once all the water is squeezed out out, open up the paper towel carefully and transfer the onions to a bowl and add the cooled down Qeema to it.

Check for salt. Add chinese salt, and ground g. chillies. Finally add the chopped cilantro.
Make a sticking paste using 2 tbsp of All purpose flour and two tbsp of water.

Cut the spring roll sheets into four equal strips. Cut one set of long strip into half as shown below.

Now separate the sheets and use one long and one short sheet for each samoosa.
Place the smaller strip onto the longer strip overlapping as shown below.
Holding the top right corner of the strip bring it to the left side making a triangular shape as shown below.
Now fold again making sure that the corner is tightly closed as shown below.
It should take the shape of a cone.

Now fill 1 tbsp of prepared Qeema (ground beef) in it and press tightly so it is packed inside.
Now fold towards the front again making sure that the corners do not open and are securely closed.

Keep turning until only a little edge is left.

With a butter knife, spread the sealing paste.
Fold again and seal the samoosa. Make sure all three corners are sealed.

In a fryer, heat oil and put the samoosas in it.

Fry until they turn a nice golden color.



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Jazakallah... Shayad awey mara tey Samosa warey jaway!:)

Pink Dandy Chatter said...

wow, that looks really good!
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