Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gajar Halwa

**All credit goes to Ammi (mother-in-law) who taught me how to make the Gajar Halwa. May Allah swt bless her soul in peace and give her a high place in Jannah Al Firdous! Ameen.**

When I make Gajar Halwa, I make it in quantity and then freeze it so it lasts a couple of years. (read: months) You can easily half or quarter or eighth or sixteenth the recipe if you prefer. But I won't do the math for you so you are on your own! And one word of caution, if you are the kind who wants instant gratification, this recipe is NOT for you. It takes time and patience and love and a few loads of laundry in between until its ready. So ready? Grab your 10lbs bag of carrot and start working out! ;) Don't blame me if you gain 10 lbs after eating this that's why I asked to work out early so you don't complain later!

10 lbs bag of Carrots; peeled, washed and grated.
1 gallon whole milk 
32 oz Heavy Whipping Cream
3 tubs of 15oz each Ricotta Cheese
4 cups Sugar
2 sticks Butter
4 cups Oil
Elachi Powder (Cardamom powder)
Silvered Almonds/ Pistachios

Start off by grating all the carrots in the food processor.

Pour the milk into a big pot and let it nuke while you are finished off with the grating process. Now add all the grated carrots into the milk.Also add the Elachi powder.

Cook while stirring occasionally until the half the milk is absorbed and the carrots are tender. 

Now add the whipping cream.
 And the Ricotta cheese.

 And cook some more

 And cook some more and more and more and some more.

 Until it looks like this.. that is, most of the liquid is evaporated...

Now add the sugar and the butter. and half the oil.. and guess what? Cook some more..and more and more.. :)
I told you, you could take care of all your laundry if you wanted to..

And keep cooking and cooking and cooking and cooking.... Check back every now and then and stir often too...Until you see that its turning a little brown from the bright orange. Keep adding a bit of oil and braise it more until it takes a lovely deep orange-brown color. You may not need all of the oil but sometimes adding more oil makes the process faster. And in the end you can scoop the extra oil out. The Halwa should be dry of all the liquids except oil which should be seen on the top.

Here us the finished Halwa... Worth the effort.. every minute and hour of it. You have to trust me here!

Now imagine there is a picture below of the Halwa garnished with the Almonds and Pistachios.


Enjoy warm on a cold winter day!!

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