Monday, March 7, 2011

Name that Chicken..

Name that Chicken... I made this again tonight and I really really REALLY need help with naming this chicken.. What better way than to try it out yourself tonight or tomorrow and then help me name it. Its simple.. ready in 15 minutes or less..

1 Chicken Boneless Breast fillet
1 tbsp minced/chopped garlic
1 tbsp Shan Tikka Masala (Use more or less to adjust the hot factor)
1 tsp Yogurt or Sour cream
1 tbsp Oil
1/4 cup Tomato Ketchup

Cut the chicken breast into small cubes.

In a tbsp of oil, transfer the chicken into a frying pan or skillet.
Let the chicken turn its color.
Now add the minced garlic on a side while moving the the chicken to another side.
Let the garlic simmer for a minute.
Here is the star of the recipe!
Add the Shan Tikka Masala over the chicken.
Mix well and cook for another minute.
Add a tsp of yogurt or sour cream. I used Sour cream.
Mix well and let the water burn off. Now squeeze a few quirts of Tomato ketchup all over it.

Toss and turn the chicken in the saucy sauce.
Turn the heat to max and while continiously stirring it, burn off all the moisture until it looks dry yet moist.

Transfer on a plate, give your kids a fork and it will be gone in no time. I had mine over a slice of garlic bread while the kids ate it right off the plate.


FV said...

Yummy...tis soo tempting!! i m gonna cook this on Saturday Inshallah!! :)

JV said...

@ FV: But.. what about the name???

FV said...

hmmmmm..... what abt "The Tan Chicken" ;)

JV said...

Tan Chicken.. quite interesting..

Anonymous said...

"Chicken tikka Masala"

JV said...

I already have a Chicken Tikka Masala..Look to your left..

Ru said...

How about "Red Cubed Chicken?" By the way, you are making me really Hungary, can I have some? I mean really. Chachi, you are a great cook!

Anonymous said...

how about- laali chicken! in no time we will have our jiya making peeli neeli chicknsssss.... ;)

JV said...

Ehm... Lali chicken? Really?

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