Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pina Colada

I am by no means claiming that this is the authentic Pina Colada recipe but this is how I make it and its something my whole family enjoys and ofcourse, its simple too. By now, most of you already know that 'Quick n Easy' is my middle name!

1 can Pineapple tidbits in Pineapple juice
1 pk Cream of Coconut Powder
1/2 cup of sugar (adjust to taste)
3-4 cups of ice cubes

Now all you need is a blender!!

Put ice into the blender jug so it fills at least half way. Don't skimp on the ice.
Pop open the can of Pineapples and pour it in the blender along with the last drop of juice.
Cut open a pouch of Coconut Cream and empty it in the blender.
Add the sugar only if the pineapples are in unsweetened juice.Start off by adding half of the sugar first. Check for taste and adjust sugar accordingly.

Hit the Blenderize button and see the magic.

Pour into glasses and enjoy on a sunny day! I prefer it right from the jug though.. to each his own :)

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Looking Cooking said...

How simple could that be. I have to run get my supplies.. brb

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