Monday, October 26, 2015

Jelly Custard Shots

1 pk Mango Jelly
2 cups Milk
3 tbsp Custard powder
1 tbsp Mango flavoring
2 tbsp sugar
Whipped cream

Cook Jelly according to package instructions.

In a muffin tray, arrange the shot glasses in a slanted angle.

Take one cup at a time, pour half the glass with jelly and place it back into the muffin tray at the slanted angle.

Let the jelly set for 15 minutes and transfer it into the refrigerator until completely set and cooled.

In the meanwhile, prepare the custard. I didn't have Mango flavored custard so I added Mango flavoring. Make custard according to package instructions. 

I used 2 cups of milk and about 3 tbsp of custard powder. Cook until it thicken and let it cool down for a bit.

Once the jelly is set in the shot glasses, it should look like this.

Now carefully pour the custard on the other side and fill up the shot glasses. Return it back to the refrigerator for about half hour.

I had some leftover jelly so I made a thin layer in a cake pan and then cut it into squares once set. Place it on top of the custard. Alternatively, a fresh cube of Mango would be gorgeous.

Finally top it with a dallop of whipped cream.

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