Sooji: Also called Farina, I usually buy it at the Indian store. It comes in various sized bags ranging from a pound to upto 10 lbs. I usually get a 4lbs bag and it lasts me quite a few months.

Golden Fried Onions: This is my life-line when it comes to cooking. I can't imagine doing these at home. This is such a convenience that it is a staple in my kitchen. Also bought at the Indian store, they are sometimes called crispy fried onions or along those lines. I prefer getting the Eastern brand but any brand that looks pretty and not too dark should work.

Diced Tomatoes: Another Must-have in my kitchen. I feel handicapped when I dont have these around. I usually prefer the petite diced because they are the perfect size. I get the store brand from either Walmart or Target. I am ashamed to say that I haven't bought fresh tomatoes unless I am using it in salads or sandwiches..

Black Beans: These I get them canned as well from Walmart or Target. I use them solely to make this recipe.

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Yogurt:. I usually get the Dannon, Friendship or Deep Brand. Dannon is widely available at any American grocery stores. Friendship and Deep, I usually get a 5 lbs tub from the Indian store. It costs about $5 dollars so its a great value. And best of all, I dont have to worry about the Gelatin issue.

Flour Tortillas: I usually have a pack of these tortillas in my fridge at all times. They are widely available at American grocery stores like Walmart, Target etc. I use them for making Puri, use them in Khowsey or use them for breakfast burritos or lunch wraps. Very Versatile!


Diced Green Peppers: I buy these goodies from Publix. These are a must-have in my freezer. I wonder what I would do without it. They are already diced and ready to use.

Bird Eye Pepper Stir Fry: I have a pack of this in my freezer at any given time. I buy these at Publix too but they are available at Walmart and Target as well. This is a blend of bel peppers in three different colors and it also have onions with it. I use it in all my stir-fry recipes and also in Bell Pepper Gosht and Chow Mein.

Diced Onions: This is my Oxygen!! I buy them at Target in the freezer section. I use them in almost any recipes that asks for diced onions. I rarely dice my own. (Note to self - Start dicing your own!!)

Frozen Okra: The day I found this awesome thing in the freezer section, I don't think I have bought fresh Okra (Bhindi). It saves so much time to wash, clean and cut etc. I just toss it right into the pot. I make Bhindi all the time, its a family favorite and I am embarrassed to say how easy it is to make.

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